Vivian :P


HeyHeyHey! It's Vivian!

  Vivian (noun) [vih*vee*uhn]- the awesome person who created this webpage, this website, and the writer of the not-so-famous blog: Viv's Blog

  You know, I'm typing this with a friend behind me, and she is laughing at what I type.  So if you don't think I'm funny, you are probably right.  I'm the kind of person that laughs at EVERYTHING, even if it's not funny, so my sense of humor is WAY different than a normal person's.

  I'd like to thank you for coming to my blog, and I hope you tell your friends!


  ^^Mr. Arrow says you shouldn't click on this ad!!!^^ 

  So, yes, this is my website, but most of it will be under 'Viv's Blog'.  That's the whole reason I started this website.  Viv's Blog.

  I'm going to keep adding videos to my YouTube account, and I'm trying to hook it up so that the videos automatically appear under 'Videos' on here.

                     Here's a good song (scroll down!!).


                   Here's another good one (might wanna scroll down again).


I'm in that one.  I can't remember what part it is, but I'm in the video for a second or 2.  That's pretty exciting (in my world).

                   This is the last good one, I promise.  :)


It's not really a song, but it's funny. ^^^


Okay, I'm done.  Enjoy my site!!  :)